Angel Invades America

For her initial release shot on U.S. soil, outrageous British pornographer Angel Extended has assembled an esteemed, All-Star cast. “Angel Invades America” delivers extreme anal sex in raw, unfiltered form, and the title is especially apt due to the fact the director comes out from behind the camera to impose her dominance upon every girl. Award-winning Australian star Angela White teams up with superstud Markus Dupree for a wild spectacle.


Even even though Angela White is on the cover of this DVD, it’s referred to as “Angel Invades America,” due to the fact of 39-12 monthsprevious, 6” English porn star/director Angel Long (who’s been in and out of the in-and-out sector given that the early 2000s — which is when she genuinely shot her wad, doing plenty of anal and double penetration scenes back then — and has now directed many titles, including this a single, for Evil Angel). And hence, this gonzo involves Extended talking from behind the camera and interacting with some of the starlets (as in, obtaining her pussy and anus eaten by mentioned female talent). But what’s genuinely excellent about “Angel Invades America,” is that it attributes some of the nastiest, most delightfulhunting women in the biz — including the aforementioned Ms. White, as effectively as Jane Wilde, Lexi Lore and Brooklyn Gray — all of ‘em ecstatically obtaining their buttholes blasted out.

Scene a single fundamentally has 35-12 monthsprevious Aussie Angela White obtaining dominated by Ms. Extended (directing and controlling Angela from behind the camera), who gets her pink and stink worshipped by White (whilst Extended is nevertheless working the lens), till Markus Dupree arrives to give White the D, producing her gag like mad on his prick in the course of a freaky encounter-fucking, top to him wasting no time/slime sinking his pride into her ever-moist-and-prepared anus (“Straight into that fucking ass!” Angie whorishly moans) by way of doggie, with Markus then titty-fucking White following she’s thoroughly cleaned off his recently soiled enjoy member we also have tons of squirting from Angie child reverse-cowgirl-anal, man-ass eating, far more and far more doggie-anal (“In, out… you see… in, out,” Markus quite helpfully informs us, providing us the blow-by-blow as his penis goes, you acquired it, in and out of her pussy it’s quite, ahem, instructive), top to (following White eats far more Extended labia) Angela obtaining her encounter doused with Dupree drippins. Whew!

Jane Wilde, 21 and from NYC, now a brunette (and hunting amazing!), gets it rough from Ramon Nomar — when Angel is not being a loud dominatrix from behind the camera, probing Janey’s arse and pussy with her fingers and getting Wilde eat her vadge and butt — with some of the far more unforgettable Wilde moments being an extreme bj, with hair-pulling and hacking on Ramon-rod (search at all o’ that saliva!), as effectively as an upside-down dick-plunging of wild Wilde some gaping a la Wilde in the course of salami-slamming a la Nomar in the course of doggie-anal Wilde executing some decision ATMs Jane getting to be a human pretzel in the course of reverse-cowgirl-anal and Wilde losing herself in the course of cowgirl-anal just before madman Nomar blows Ramon-rod juice all over her encounter, Wilde scooping up the spilt sperm from the floor and upon her decision thighs, then greedily swallowing the stuff. Gnarly!

In a single of the gonzo’s quite greatest sequences, cute blonde Lexi Lore (21, from Richmond, Virginia) is ravaged by the returning Mr. Dupree, with Lexi initial obtaining probed by the ever-roaming fingers of cameraperson/slut Angel Extended, then obtaining the Markus treatment massive time, including loads and loads of spit in the course of a raging encounter-fucking (a single of the movie’s greatest bjs!) doggie-anal with Lexi and her prefect ass (a single of the movie’s greatest doggie scenes, too!), as Lore provides us plenty of romantic dunghole dilations (as in gapings) Lexi losing herself in the course of missionary-anal, in the course of which she gets all sleepy-eyed as Markus mangles her butthole reverse-cowgirl-anal (with far more of that “in, out… you see… in-out” instruction from the erudite Monsieur Dupree), in the course of which Lexi turns into, like Ms. Wilde, a human pretzel, with the moaning damsel rosebudding for us missionary-anal, with Lexi’s pussy, really, pulsating from the hefty hose-hammering in her backdoor, Lexi obtaining even far more drunk from the rear-ditch-dick-dun ng than just before (she’s excellent) and Lexi sucking Marky-Mark off to climax, the jizz cocooning her pretty mug, including her nose, eyes, forehead and lips (“It’s all over the place,” she cheerily states. “So significantly fucking cum”), just before she swallows each and every drop (“Tastes so very goodit’s like the reward”). Really like this girl! Definitely a movie showstopper.

And we conclude this quartet of nuclear scenes with sweet- and attractivehunting 21-12 monthsprevious brunette Brooklyn Gray obtaining it on with (I guess it’s her hubby) Owen Gray (even though she most certainly fucks plenty of other guys in other movies), with Angel at first obtaining sucked off by Brook, just before Owen displays up and starts eating her butt as she’s bent over, following which she starts majorly choking on Owen-cock (another remarkable bj!), with Brook executing brilliantly in the course of her own upside-down oral dick-dunking (far more spittle produced here than from any other girl in the movie!) her own in addition amazing moments including deep and nasty missionary-anal with a filthy ATM (“lick off all your juices, all the way up from the balls to the fucking tip,” British Angel commands her, which Brooky ever dutifully does) some terrific doggie-anal, wherein we get to seriously value that tight, little, also-excellenthunting Brook butt, with little Mrs. Gray superbly gaping for us and even some butt-licking (“Rim that fucking shithole,” Angel tells Brook, to which Mrs. Owen far more than willingly complies) just before (“I let you fuck my ass so very good I just want your fucking cum,” she purrs to Owen when) Mr. Gray erupts spermatozoa all over Brook’s darling encounter. Wonderful!

Even amidst the off-camera path from dominatrix Angel Extended may jolt viewers from the action, it really moves the complete gonzo forward, whilst similarly fomenting the ultra-nastiness within the featured female talent (all of the scenes entirely rocking and the movie is also excellently paced), seeing as every progressive scene appears far more extreme than the previous ones even though our two 21-12 months-olds —the pretty/luscious Lexi Lore and the slinky/attractive Brooklyn Gray — certainly consider the cake, bringing this initialprice gonzo to it’s anticipated, appreciated scalding peak. Kudos to experienced director/slut X-traordinaire Ms. Extended.